Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Date Firday...

Friday night Diana and I went on a date. I think you can still go on dates when you're married, though it might be called something else but if it is I dont know the word.

We walked form our house to City Market and Diana was craving (go figure ;) cheddar grits. I told her I knew of this low country restaurant back in city market and we should try it. So we did. It was nice to just to sit in an almost empty restaurant and talk. Just talk about life and all that's happened over the last few years not mention whats gonna change in the next few years (really months.)

Then on the way home it started raining. Mind you we are walking. Here is another reason why I love my wife. While she is 6 months pregnant she still finds it fun to walk and play in the rain. So instead of running for cover... we just walked... and well, did what people do when they are playing in the rain.

So - yeah... friday night was a goodnight. Nice and relaxing. It was crazy to think that in 3 months our children will be here. Things will probably be a little different. Wow.

I hope they like playing in the rain.

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Mike Baumann said...

I'm pretty sure its still called a date anyway that's awesome its the little things that count like playing in the rain its nice to know that we as adults can still act like children and get away with it. have a good one.