Friday, August 29, 2008

A little help...

It's Friday night at 7:55pm and Diana has had 3 contractions in the last 30 minutes. Her lower back is also hurting a lot.

It's funny because we blocked tonight off as a date night. I went and picked up a favorite of ours, Pei Wei, and we are gonna watch season 1 of Lost. The babies aren't born yet and they are cutting into our date night ;)

In all seriousness - we'd love some prayers tonight to slow these contractions down. If they aren't gonna slow down and it's time for our babies to make a grand entrance then we're of course praying for all to be healthy, mom included.

Thanks for all the time joining with us through this. Time to go watch the people who are, 4 seasons later, still on the island (kind of.)

If you're traveling this weekend I wish you safe travels... and get home soon.

Peace and Love,

-Da Gores

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