Thursday, August 21, 2008

We made it to 5pm

Ok, we made til 5pm for the extra dose of lung steroids (this is what i am now referring to them as - not the doctor - they are just for the babies lungs.) At that point they gave Diana another exam and she had not progressed in her dilation. They decided to pull her from the magnesium as it is not good for her long term. They also decided to pull her from her contraction monitor and send her to a "less intensive" room. On the surface this is good news.

Essentially what it means is there is nothing else we can do now but wait. We have made it through the "steps" we needed if the babies are going to in fact come this early. They have gotten their steroids and their magnesium. Now it is just a waiting game (though not the most fun of all games.) As I have said before, each hour is important and each day is valuable. We would LOVE to make it til the morning.

Diana has been experiencing contractions, while more intense than earlier (she can feel them now), not as frequent. We're hoping we can fall asleep, relax, and morning will come quickly.

We are blessed to have friends as we do. We are hopeful in our creator. I read today in Romans 12:12 - Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. I feel like that is where we are. We are joyful... Diana and I are joking together quite a bit. Our inside jokes are funnier than ever. We have a hope greater than this situation. Though I would not call what we are going through affliction, we are being patient. We are both in prayer and feel surrounded in prayer by our friends, family, and others we don't even know.

I feel like I am experiencing a side of God's church I have never experienced before. It is beautiful.

It's 10:11pm. Diana is sleeping. She looks very pretty. I love her very much. Goodnight.


Jonathan and Meredith Ellis said...

I'm so thankful that you two are joyful and joking around! We are definitely thinking and praying for y'all!! Love you two tons!

Sam Ed. said...

Dear Mini-Gores,
Stoooooooooooooppppp. Thank you.
All My Love,
Mini-Sam Ed.

No really...
Our prayers and thoughts as a church community are so focused right now. Even from this side, it is a pretty humbling and amazing to be a part of! You guys hang tight...have some babies. We've got things covered here.

Love the FOUR of you! - Sam

Lisa Q. said...

Thrilled to hear the babies are staying in mommy's incubator and the steroid rounds have been administered "just in case". You, Diana and The Babes are in our constant thoughts and prayers. We learned there is nothing predictable about this whole childbirth business but, our faith in Christ is stronger then ever because of our experience. May he continue to bring you peace and strength. We love you guys!! Hang in there!!


Jon said...

We love you guys!!

Anything you need buddy, anything you need.