Thursday, June 21, 2007

Studying Eph 4

I am blown away by the idea and beauty of what the Church could be. If we could somehow realize our giftings and calling as a body and live them out the way it seems to be painted... oh, how the world would be.

I am grateful and encouraged by the hope God seems to have in humanity... may we continue to move towards what were created for...

Lord be with us... Lord lead us...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's 9:50pm on a wednesday night...

I am at the Raleigh Times... in a corner... drinking a beer by myself... working on my brother's wedding ceremony... and life is good.

Smithwick's Ale was introduced to me by my good friend Tyler. For that I thank him.

ps - I am really stinkin' proud of my little brother.

love and peace,


Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Miami Dolphins

Have signed QB Trent Green... we all know what this means. It's Super Bowl times for the Miami Dolphins. I know, I know.. many of you are thinking.. what about Tom Brady and and Randy Moss... Well, What about Trent Green to Ted Ginn and Chris Chambers... CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

In all seriousness the Dolphins have tried really hard to get a good QB since Marino left in 1999... here is the summation (thanks to Pro Football Talk for the organization)

In 2000, they dealt a seventh-round pick for Jim Druckenmiller.

In 2001, they sacrificed a 2002 sixth-rounder and a conditional seventh-rounder in 2003, and received in return Cade McNown and a 2002 seventh-rounder.

In 2002, they gave up a 2003 seventh-rounder for Sage Rosenfels.

In 2004, they sent a 2005 second-rounder to the Eagles for A.J. Feeley.

In 2005, they shipped Feeley and a 2006 sixth-rounder to San Diego for Cleo Lemon.

In 2006, they sent a 2006 second-rounder to Minnesota for Daunte Culpepper.

In 2006, they sent a sixth-rounder to Detroit, which upgraded to a fifth-rounder, for Joey Harrington.

Now, in 2007, the Fins have sent a fifth-rounder, which could move to a fourth-rounder, for Trent Green.

We should have just kept Jay Feidler.... Can you imagine what Feidler and Wes Welker could have done together?!?!?!?!

for now... that is all.


Monday, June 04, 2007

A small need...

So most of you, as my friends, know I am going to Kenya in August for a couple weeks. I am going with a friend of mine by the name of Corey Paxton (he is also moving here to be apart of our church community when he graduates from Fuller - now). I am stoked about the trip as I have been wanting to go to Africa for the last 3 years.

The purpose of our trip is really multi-faceted:

--- see the situation of extreme poverty firsthand so we can raise awareness for the real needs of people (over 4 million AIDS orphans in Kenya alone/20 million in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2020)

--- connect with two grass-roots orphan care sanctuaries in Nairobi, Kenya that are caring for the holistic needs of orphans from AIDS ( and

--- learn how to achieve solid/stable western partnership and development work with established and experienced Christian development organization

--- form genuine relationship with Joseph Wamititu for future partnership based on prayer, trust, and real relationship (director and pastor of Africa Hope Center, doing PHD at Fuller on how the church in Kenya can care for orphans of Aids)

---- go on a safari where we wrestle lions and alligators and race cheetahs (this part is a joke but I am excited about spending two weeks with Corey in Africa and serving together there - He is an amazing guy and I am stoked he and his family are moving here to be apart of our church family - prolly will be some good connecting time on the other side of the globe)


Here is the need:

We are trying to raise $10,500 to help Joseph (see above) buy property outside Nairobi to develop an orphan care sanctuary for kids who have lost both their parents with AIDS.

We (Corey) have already raised $8500 so we need just $2,000 more. Honestly - that is 10 families/people at $200 a hit. Or 20 people at $100 a hit. (I am good at math!!!! :) - Not a lot of money for most of us.

If you are interested in helping, please let me know ASAP. We are just crazy enough to believe if we are willing to take big steps of faith God would do amazing things... We would love for you to be able to share in this with us!!!

Peace and Love,