Monday, June 04, 2007

A small need...

So most of you, as my friends, know I am going to Kenya in August for a couple weeks. I am going with a friend of mine by the name of Corey Paxton (he is also moving here to be apart of our church community when he graduates from Fuller - now). I am stoked about the trip as I have been wanting to go to Africa for the last 3 years.

The purpose of our trip is really multi-faceted:

--- see the situation of extreme poverty firsthand so we can raise awareness for the real needs of people (over 4 million AIDS orphans in Kenya alone/20 million in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2020)

--- connect with two grass-roots orphan care sanctuaries in Nairobi, Kenya that are caring for the holistic needs of orphans from AIDS ( and

--- learn how to achieve solid/stable western partnership and development work with established and experienced Christian development organization

--- form genuine relationship with Joseph Wamititu for future partnership based on prayer, trust, and real relationship (director and pastor of Africa Hope Center, doing PHD at Fuller on how the church in Kenya can care for orphans of Aids)

---- go on a safari where we wrestle lions and alligators and race cheetahs (this part is a joke but I am excited about spending two weeks with Corey in Africa and serving together there - He is an amazing guy and I am stoked he and his family are moving here to be apart of our church family - prolly will be some good connecting time on the other side of the globe)


Here is the need:

We are trying to raise $10,500 to help Joseph (see above) buy property outside Nairobi to develop an orphan care sanctuary for kids who have lost both their parents with AIDS.

We (Corey) have already raised $8500 so we need just $2,000 more. Honestly - that is 10 families/people at $200 a hit. Or 20 people at $100 a hit. (I am good at math!!!! :) - Not a lot of money for most of us.

If you are interested in helping, please let me know ASAP. We are just crazy enough to believe if we are willing to take big steps of faith God would do amazing things... We would love for you to be able to share in this with us!!!

Peace and Love,



Corey Paxton said...

Thanks for raising awareness for this Jason. They are in an exciting stage to get involved as they are so close to being able to buy a property. They are caring for 80 oprhans right now in the best way they can through rented flats and people's homes. This property not only has existing buildings that can be used to house orphans, but also two businesses that will be used as continual job training and income generation. It is a really great opportunity. I am still amazed that it is so cheap to buy property there. (40,000 for the whole thing, they need 23 down and are just 2,000 short)

I just talked to Joseph Saturday. He is an incredible person who I am learning so much from. He also asked if we want to go with him to an unreached tribal group in northern kenya. I said.....


This wil certainly be an adventure.

Corey Paxton said...

by the way, just to clarify for those who are confused--

the Africa Hope Center is a ministry started by Joseph through his church. I also want to help create a new website (which he asked for help because he created it himself and has no website skillz) so that a good way to give on line can be established.

the other ministry is a well-funded orphan care center that a minister from California who worked for world vision has helped to develop. we are joining with his trip to learn how to do good western partnership in these area.

If you want to give to Joseph's project. You can pool your money with Jason or send the check directly to the address in Georgia listed on his web-site. He is in Georgia finishing his PHD distance learning at Fuller while partnerning with an African-American church there.

let me know if you have any questions

jason said...

hahah thanks Corey

as far as money goes - if you want to make it easy -

You can just make checks out to Visio Dei. Then we'll send a big check from everything pooled together.


Eric Wakeling said...

Jason - that's cool you are going to Kenya. I am actually taking HS students to Kenya this summer and our trip is August 12-26. I wonder if we will be in any similar areas. We will be in Kibera, Nairobi for August 14 & 15 and then going to Kisumu for the rest of the time. So sorry that I can't help raise money as we are raising a ton ourselves.

Anonymous said...


Here is a nosy question - have you guys gotten visas and lined up to get all the shots you will need to get before you leave for Africa? I hear the process of getting a visa to get into Kenya may take some time - don't take too long.

Corey's dad