Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I think it's time to fire this up again

I think it's time to fire this up again. You know cause it.. at one point... was like the most popular thing on the internet. (FALSE - think Dwight Schrute)

In all seriousness - I told someone the other day "I couldnt tell them the number of times I have started to write things but then realized no one really cares - so I stopped ;)" Either way - I want to log some stuff. Get it out there - if for no one else but myself. At a minimum - for all posts outside of my family - it will require me to think through things in a deeper way than if I just had to keep things to myself (because you know - I can pretend other people actually take the time to read this.) This is probably healthy.

Ok - for now - I have one message for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!