Friday, October 09, 2009

1 yr. Photos

About a month ago we had some pics made for Aidan and Addison's first birthday. We went to Pullen Park to snap some memories. A little known fact is this is also where Diana and I were engaged over 6 years ago. We had a blast and got some great shots there. I hope you enjoy. Let us know which one you like the best.

Thanks to Rebecca for the photography. We are grateful for your friendship and ability to help capture the different stages of our wonderful kiddos. You're wonderful!

Enjoying some time on the swings.

Aidan on the swing.

Aidan Again. Notice the bruise on his forehead... he's definitely taking after his dad on the rough-housin'...

This is our beautiful Addison.

Who's the bozo in the back taking a picture in the picture? - oh me... right.

Leaning in for a kiss.



Me and my boy goofin' off. A normality.

Dad and baby boy.

Mom and baby girl. Beautiful.

Space ship.

Me and my little princess.

This face is adorable.

He's a little uncertain of grass at first these days.

Holding hands. Lots of fun.

Great smiles.

They both have more hair than me already.

We have a lot to be thankful for.

Note Addy has discovered her "serious face."

I wonder if I will still see Addy this way when she's 18. Definitely Daddy's girl.

Aidan's blue steel (see Zoolander)

My boys hand.

I love my wife (Diana that's you ;)

Family Time!

Family Cut-up time!!!

My girls... I am forever ruined.

Me and my boy.

Gettin' a little early training in ;)

Friends and family, thank you for you love, support, and prayers you've given us over the last year. Doctors and nurses, thanks for what you do and how you have served and provided for our family. Lord, thank You for our children. Thank You for bringing us together as a family. I pray we would show Your love to the world around us.

Thanks for checking in. Peace be with you.