Thursday, March 06, 2008

You should see this movie

I know it's not brand new or anything but Diana and I just got around to watching it. The Movie is titled "Once" and it is amazing. I will post the trailer at the bottom.

I can't do the plot justice here because it is so well done and there is a lot going on regarding hope, friendship, and music but I will give a brief overview of the main story. The movie is about a street musician/singer/songwriter who meets a woman who is a classical piano player. They enjoy each other's company and end up writing music together and I will not give away the rest. If I say too much it could take some of the "good" out of watching the movie.

The music in this movie is brilliant. The first time they begin playing a song together I lost it. I started crying like a baby. The melody.. the harmony... the lyrics... soooo moving. The movie really is moving. Great plot, adorable characters, super funny, and full of hope. My only suggestion is to watch it with the sub titles. It is filmed in Ireland I believe and it is hard to understand through the Irish dialect. Once you turn them on you don't notice anymore so it's not that difficult.

I also know the band's name responsible for the music is The Frames - and this guy Glen Hansard is way talented. They happen to be playing in Raleigh on March 15. I tried to get tickets but it looks like it maybe sold out already. If anyone has any word on tickets - let me know.

Enjoy the trailer and song below. The song is "Falling Slowly" and it's the one I referenced above. Lyrics - "Take this sinking boat... and point it home... we've still got time..." SO GOOD.



Falling Slowly

Love and Peace,


Songs from this past Sunday

Songs from March 2

Here is Our King - David Crowder

Unchanging - Chris Tomlin
Highest and Greatest - Tim Hughes
Oh The Glory of it All - David Crowder
Follow After You - Jason Gore

The idea and direction of the morning was to approach our time of worship as reflection and then response. We take time to reflect on who God is, what He has done, what he is doing, and what He is going to do... and then our response is to worship. Our hope is that our worship doesn't end in singing but in a response of following after Jesus and living out God's Kingdom with our lives.