Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So a week ago Aidan started crawling. By crawling I mean pulling himself across the floor in a way that is truly hilarious. He has now graduated into a a full fledged scoot in only a week. Here is his progression just after first couple of days. There is also entrainment in Addison's beautiful smile all throughout both videos and a guest appearance by Tanner our German Shepherd (who is also Aidan's best friend right now.) As always with videos of me and my children, please disregard the ridiculously absurd way I laugh and talk to them.

Aidan first day of truly crawling (moving across the floor in a dancing motion)

A few days later...

He is now all over the place. I have purchased a baby gate and i have suspicions this will only work for a small while as he is using this now as a means to stand. I believe before long he will have Tanner pulling him over the wall soon enough. We may in trouble soon. Send help.

-Love Jason and Diana

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Set List / Reflection from 7.12.09

Beautiful the Blood
- Steve Fee

Welcome / Reflection - Corinthians 14 / Corinthians 12 - "at the foot of the cross we're all the same"

At The Cross - Daniel Renstrom

Jesus Messiah - Chris Tomlin

Jesus Paid it All
- (arrangement Alex Nifong/Kristian Stanfill)

Jeff gave a great sermon on Corinthians 12. He brought to light all of our tendencies to compare ourselves to each other which, if left unchecked, leads to either pride or inadequate. It was a great challenge for us, the church as a whole, and really any community in general. Jeff, thanks for your hard work serving us in the way you do each week.

In the days prior to and since Sunday, my reflecting has lead me here: When the gospel hits us in the midst of this tendency we realize that we all stand at the foot of the cross looking on our savior. In that moment we have no right to feel "better than" anyone else or "less than" anyone else. Something happens when you realize that the creator of all things had to and did die for you. It was meant to "right things" that have gone terribly wrong and to, among other things, put us back together again.

May you humbly realize the love God has for each one of us. May you realize the depths he has gone to to show each of us that love. May you receive it. May you find the joy in giving it. Amen.

Love and Peace,


Monday, July 13, 2009

I Twitter

I do Twitter. I do think it's an interesting social phenomenon. Actually, I don't think that. Most people in the world know we like ourselves and think what we do is really important so "why wouldn't everyone want to know." That isnt a phenomenon. It's social media thriving on our "normal tendencies." I also like twitter for some other reason but either way this video is hilarious... more thoughts on twitter later. But for now.. enjoy. It will make you. Laugh out loud. Smiley Face.

(this is a real band. they are good. listen to them.)

winkey face,


Saturday, July 04, 2009

A baby video for your enjoyment

Our kids are hilarious. They laugh a lot. Here is some evidence.

Please disregard the annoying sound I was making as the babies seemed to really enjoy it (it's similar to the sound from dumb and dumber that is claimed as the "most annoying sound in the world."

Also realize this... I have found children seem to empower you to do really... uhmm... dumb things.



Jason and Diana