Monday, July 13, 2009

I Twitter

I do Twitter. I do think it's an interesting social phenomenon. Actually, I don't think that. Most people in the world know we like ourselves and think what we do is really important so "why wouldn't everyone want to know." That isnt a phenomenon. It's social media thriving on our "normal tendencies." I also like twitter for some other reason but either way this video is hilarious... more thoughts on twitter later. But for now.. enjoy. It will make you. Laugh out loud. Smiley Face.

(this is a real band. they are good. listen to them.)

winkey face,



Chris Waluk said...

I love the "David after Dentist" ending. There are also lots of "David after ____" spoofs, such as David after Divorce:

Dana Enzor said...

Ha! This is so John!! 4th of July, He's tweeting while deep sea fishing, almost lost his phone, and I'm sure life as he knew it would have ended. The guy driving and texting is John! haha

Jeramie Mullis said...

nice. i like the homage to the drunk dentist kid at the end.

Jason said...

I love the twittering messages when the guy is right in front of him. And yeah Chris, the David after ... muchos buenos.

Dana - someone losing their hone while twittering could be a sign.