Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's 9:50pm on a wednesday night...

I am at the Raleigh Times... in a corner... drinking a beer by myself... working on my brother's wedding ceremony... and life is good.

Smithwick's Ale was introduced to me by my good friend Tyler. For that I thank him.

ps - I am really stinkin' proud of my little brother.

love and peace,


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Jeremy Allen said...

Dear Jason,

Please change your service times when there is not a vintage21 service going on. I want to come see whats going on at Visio Dei but considering I work 3 services every sunday... I can't do that. Therefore I'm conviced that you guys should change your service times to 2pm so that I can come to service and still make it back to v21 for afternoon band practice at 4pm.