Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Miami Dolphins

Have signed QB Trent Green... we all know what this means. It's Super Bowl times for the Miami Dolphins. I know, I know.. many of you are thinking.. what about Tom Brady and and Randy Moss... Well, What about Trent Green to Ted Ginn and Chris Chambers... CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

In all seriousness the Dolphins have tried really hard to get a good QB since Marino left in 1999... here is the summation (thanks to Pro Football Talk for the organization)

In 2000, they dealt a seventh-round pick for Jim Druckenmiller.

In 2001, they sacrificed a 2002 sixth-rounder and a conditional seventh-rounder in 2003, and received in return Cade McNown and a 2002 seventh-rounder.

In 2002, they gave up a 2003 seventh-rounder for Sage Rosenfels.

In 2004, they sent a 2005 second-rounder to the Eagles for A.J. Feeley.

In 2005, they shipped Feeley and a 2006 sixth-rounder to San Diego for Cleo Lemon.

In 2006, they sent a 2006 second-rounder to Minnesota for Daunte Culpepper.

In 2006, they sent a sixth-rounder to Detroit, which upgraded to a fifth-rounder, for Joey Harrington.

Now, in 2007, the Fins have sent a fifth-rounder, which could move to a fourth-rounder, for Trent Green.

We should have just kept Jay Feidler.... Can you imagine what Feidler and Wes Welker could have done together?!?!?!?!

for now... that is all.



Eric Wakeling said...

Bro, you are DELUSIONAL!!

Tedd Ginn = worst draft pick ever.
Trent Green = another old QB who will breakdown
Daunte Culpepper = zero trade value

Jason said...

I loved watching Ted Ginn tear up Big Ten defenses while he was at my alma mater, but I'm afraid that the Dolphins just got themselves the second-coming of Desmond Howard. Between the two, I think Anthony Gonzales is going to prove to be the better pro WR. Ginn is fast, but he is not good at running routes. I think he may be a bit surprised when the NFL cornerbacks can run with him.

jason said...


or not so delusional and perhaps very bitter and sarcastic... forgive me for my bitterness upon the realization of all the truth in the things you mentioned (and more) about my favorite professional franchise...

Jason - thanks for rubbing it in...

Eric Wakeling said...

i did think you were serious. it's funny with sports how I could think you were delusionally optimistic, but it was just sarcasm. More equal signs.
Sports = blind passion
Blind passion = delusional writing
delusional writing = sarcasm
sarcasm = false appearance of delusion