Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is it because I winned?

My name is Jason... and I have a problem.

Why do i like to play John Madden 05 on my Play Station so much. I am in my 14th season and I haven't lost a game in 10 seasons (except for one preseason game 4 seasons ago when my 3rd string QB threw an interception with a minute left and I was down by 2). I have averaged close to 47 points/game for the last 10 seasons and my defense has always been in the top 5 only allowing an average of 10 points/game.

So.. why do I enjoy playing so much??? I mean - I give it my all. I work hard every play. I want to win. I love scoring points. I love knowing I did something right.

Maybe it's cause I have a "job" where I may never know fully if what I am doing is "good" or "working". I don't think I would like to be in a top 5 Pastors list. I don't want to score more points than Vintage 21 or Hope Community Church, or Mars Hill.

But - I love to play.. and win at John Madden. I love to do my job and accomplish. I love to see results.


Prolly a deeper reason than I care to really know... but maybe not... possibly more to come.

Maybe I am just a nerd...




Shannon Smith said...

Remember that time when I almost beat you, but I missed the field goal on purpose, I mean on accident.

BFrancese said...

oh mighty Thor one...if we lined up who would win?

this is a question for the ages

a question for the CHAMPIONS


have mercy to see thee run in stride in an open field

Jeremy Allen said...

if it makes you feel better vintage21 doesnt want to score more points than you either :)

i found your blog a few days ago and it wasnt until tonight that i felt a need to comment.

my roomate has the same adiction...

i loose every time....

Samantha said...

My coworker has a 4 year old relative that is very into winning. If she beats you up the stairs, she will say "I won at stairs". If she finishes a meal before you, she'll firmly tell you, "Sam, I beat you at food." What's funny, is I find myself wanting to beat her at "food" or "stairs" I'm really competing with this 4 year old. Man, what does that say about me? I think I need therapy...

BFrancese said...

"If she beats you up the stairs, she will say 'I won at stairs'."

That is hilarious

jason said...

wow. hilarity!

Shannon, i remember.

brent - the day shall come. MASSES!!!

Jeremy - I don't believe you - I kid, I kid...

sam - I am ever amazed

brent - move to raleigh.