Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun Weekend is a comin'...

Tonight Diana and I are driving to Asheboro at go camping and tomorrow we are going to spend the day at the zoo. I am soooo looking forward to it. I can't wait for fire tonight... the cool morning air tomorrow morning... and the monkeys in the afternoon... YES!!!



in other non related weekend news... props to Traci Rowe who graduates Sunday with her Masters from every one's favorite local university... NCSU

I have linked to her blog which she has not yet written in an attempt to get her to write... in her own timing of course... I only do this b/c she is borderline genius, well thought, loves God, and has much to say for which we should listen...

Congrats to Julie and Genevieve who are also graduating from Meredith this weekend

what have I started... congrats to everyone else who is doing something exciting this weekend


Corey Paxton said...

Hope you have a good time chasing monkeys...

and yes, I agree that my sister is a geni and one of the best people I know in general.

i look forward to reading her blog and to getting to raleigh to live there so I don't find out second hand that my sister has a blog

traci said...

too much pressure, I'll start soon