Friday, May 04, 2007

Day of breath...

So Wednesday... I got up early, packed up my surfboard and headed to the beach for the day. I left around 5:45am and got there a couple hours after that. With the exception of a brief conversation with Diana, my dad, and one quick phone message to a dear friend - I didn't speak one word out loud til after 3pm. I was desperately in need of some solitude but the silence... it was the silence in and of itself was so amazing. Just listening to the wind, the waves, the sea gulls, and feeling the voice of God. You really hear things in a different way when you are just still.

I don't think I realized just how bad I needed that time. I know in my heart it's good to get away but for some reason I don't make enough time for it. If nothing else, it's good just to realize the world doesn't need you as much as you think (pretend/feel) it does. I came home that night and everything was fine. I had better conversations with my wife. I felt like I was actually breathing.

I am starting to realize that there is something inside of me that makes me "on the go" alot... It's not because I am always doing good things as I feel I am probably more inefficient than I would like to admit. This probably has to do with going to fast to slow down and think through what I'm actually doing... So... Friends of mine... you have my permission to ask me when was my last day to "just breathe"... Hold me accountable... my life, my wife, our friendship, our church, and if I pray the world - would be better for it.



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BFrancese said...

Ah man. There is nothing like a nice still day in some surf. I miss that and it is good when we "be still and know."

Wish I could get in a session with you mate. Lap it up.