Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Morning!!! We're celebrating anniversaries!!!

Well... We awoke this morning with a very special realization. Today is our official 1 week anniversary in the Hospital together. And yes - the babies are still inside.

It's hard to believe we were admitted a whole week ago. The same docs are working today as were last Wednesday so we've all gotten a good laugh out of the fact that we're still here. It's been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least but honestly, I couldn't imagine it seeming more "right" along the way. Despite some honest fear and real questions, we have felt a peace since the beginning that we could not explain as well as love and support from our family and friends that is overwhelming (in a good way ;)

Other good news is this... When you are pregnant with twins you go to a couple different doctors during your pregnancy for a couple different reasons (different specialists, etc.) Due to all of our different charts and paperwork we had heard 3 different conception dates since last Wednesday from different doctors. This has made it hard to know where we really are in regarding how far along the pregnancy is. We've also known that getting to 28 weeks is a big deal. At that point, their neurological - development reaches a very significant point. Well, this morning one of our doctors here at Wake (she is one of our favs over here for sure) has looked everything through and best she can put together today is their 28 week mark. This is amazing news!

So today we celebrate our 1-week anniversary here together (so romantic - we love it!!!) as well as the 28 week anniversary or our children's conception! We never knew these marks in our relationship would be so compelling to us ;)

Thanks for marking this last week in our life together with love. It's makes us want to love others better.

Hope you have a great day and we'll check in with you a little later. We're gonna go celebrate!


-Jason, Diana, ________, and __________


Jonathan and Meredith Ellis said...

Woohoo!!! Exciting! I hope you enjoy a very romantic dinner by candlelight to celebrate :)

We are of course still praying and are so glad those babies haven't made their entrance yet. They sure do like to cause some trouble though!

Love y'all!
Jonathan and Meredith

Kim Smith said...

Congrats! I know that it's partly due to the wonderful community that we are a part of, but I think it's awesome how positive you guys are about all of this. I love that you are having such a good time and enjoying every crazy minute!

BTW, I'm very curious to have those blanks at the bottom filled in. :) We'll know soon enough! Happy one week and 28 weeks!!!

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary! One of my favorite "dates" in the last couple of years was when I was at Rex after Owen's birth and Matt brought Lily's pizza to the hospital and we really did light candles and then watch "The Office" on TV and snuggled in the ever so big hospital bed! Enjoy these memories you're making. You could fill the babies' baby books already. . .

So now, let's see, 28 weeks ago was Thursday, February 14, 2008. . . Jason and jonathon and home group guys had just served the ladies a fabulous, gourmet Valentine's Dinner with wine and then apparently the Gores went home from home group and continued the romance!! chicka bow bow

lisa quinn said...

Good math Ashley!! Oh Yay for anniversaries :-) Baby___ and baby ___ and being very obedient. We're still praying for all of you!

Kendal, Lisa, and Regan

piper said...

praying for you guys!! love the pix of diana...she's such a trooper and too cute in that hair cap!

we know God's got it under control and have complete faith in the fact that YOU have complete faith in that fact! hehe!

we'll be checking in!
grow, babies, grow!
love ya...
jerm, pipe, harp, si and aige