Saturday, August 23, 2008

and then we washed her hair...

We awoke again this morning babies still in womb. The dances of joy continued.

Then Diana mentioned how she felt a little dirty and her hair seemed a little... well, greasy. The nurse brought us this shower cap thing that has "hair washing stuff" (technical name) inside of it. You just pop it in the microwave, put it on, and lather up.

I had a lot of fun washing her hair and shaving her legs while she is confined to a hospital bed. I figure it's the least I can do since she is carrying our children. Her are some pics of the extravagaza.

Pre hair-washing (Panteen model search, please do not contact as we are very busy at the moment ;)

The magical hair-washing shower cap

Washy, wash, wash, wash...

The hair is clean!!!!

All in all it's been a good day. I got to leave for a while today and my mom and Diana's mom came up for a while. They have been great. All of our parents have been so much help as well as friends who have dropped of food and goodies. Please keep up the thoughts and prayers.

Contractions are still here and there. Diana's back is starting to hurt from laying in bed for 4 days. She is doing well but some discomfort really is settling in this evening. Please be in prayer for this.

Seriously, thanks for everything so far. Text messages, emails, comments on here, friends dropping off food... we feel so blessed.

Here is another fun picture for safe measure. Hi John and Elzabeth!!!

I am so happy we have pictures with Diana and this hair net thing... wow. Too much fun.

We'll post a goodnight message a little later.

Daaaaaaaaaa Gores


Rebecca said...

This is hilarious to me, and I love it! So glad they've made all those improvements in hair washing technologies over the years. It is amazing!!! Lookin' good Diana!
And baby girl, stay in there. Don't even think about coming out here yet!

Love you guys.

The Wojos said...

Diana and Jason,
We continue to read your blog every day for updates and are sending you all the "stay-in-the-womb" vibes and prayers that we can. Jason, love the commentary--so full of raw emotions and very endearing. Stay strong Diana! Love, Tara and Matt :)

Jeramie Mullis said...

this was a blast to read. we're glad things are going relatively well for you guys.

daaaaaaa mullises.

hmm, doesn't work quite as well with our name

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

Do you think you could steal some of those for post hospital when you just don't have time to shower with the little ones running around? I think we might have a market with new mom's. Thanks for keeping us posted, and we will keep sending those stay in place vibes!?
All the best,
The Fitz's

Jen said...

Hang in there - literally and figuratively (for the babies)!! You both are amazing, and every time I read that the babies are still in there, I feel like cheering. We'll be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers,
Jen and Neil

lisa quinn said...

So glad to hear the children (and Jason) are behaving :-) We love the ongoing commentary and pictures- keep them coming!!! We will continue to drop off goodies, any requests???

The Quinn's

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

Ok, let me know if you want pink, purple, or just want me to surprise you?! Keep up beat!! Ya'll are amazing! said...

di, try to sneak some of those hair wash cap things out of there! i seriously could use one those some days...with two babies sometimes its hard to even get in the shower! trust me you'll know soon enough, but hopefully later than sooner! love you!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Thinking of you guys and getting our church (grace community in north raleigh) in on the prayers, too!

We've met a couple of times as we are friends with the Enzor's and Pritchett's and Schlieman's!