Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still hanging tough

Not a lot of changes. Looks like the baby girl is trying to make an exit as she has pushed the boy aside and is getting closer to the "out door." While she is doing this against our parental advice and despite her efforts to break for it, Diana's contractions have slowed down. This is a current positive.

The next goal is to get to 5pm so we can get the 2nd round of steroids. After that the next step is 5am tomorrow which is 12 hours after the dose. The purpose of that is for optimum absorption of the steroid for the babies. The steroids will mostly benefit the babies lungs which are the primary concern of babies coming this early.

Nobody knows whats next. According to the Docs, some people in our situation keep the babies in for weeks, even months, though rarely... some keep them in an hour from where we were yesterday at lunch time. (we like being the exception ;)

We are blessed to be where we are. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Your encouragement means more than you know. If as many of you are really praying for us as have said you are then God is pretty busy listening ;) We have great friends. Please keep it up.

We're praying right now to make it through the night. We're going hour by hour and day by day. I know my candor may not be an indicator but the babies really could come any hour and they are in a high risk situation. No medicine can really stop labor so your prayers mean so much to us. I have never felt so "out of control" in a situation.

Meanwhile I will continue to reason with our unborn children as to why it is not the best time to enter "our world." I just can't imagine why they would be so hard-headed given the sweet and laid back nature of their parents. ;)

Life is such a journey...



Dana Enzor said...

And the rebellion starts!! :)

Kaykay41406 said...

We're praying for your precious little ones and thinking about you guys.

In our thoughts,
Lindsey, Kyle, Kaylyn, & Riley Seitz

Alan Wilser said...

Yo Jason....I have literally not prayed for you guys yet.....but I will do it now. We are thinking of you and your family of four.

Al & Casey

traci said...

Our Father in heaven, you are in control... may we rest in that. Lord please give Diana and Jason extra doses of faith and peace. Please prepare the little ones . Please slow down the process. You are the giver of life and we trust you. Help us to trust you. Please continue to let them feel the love and prayers that surround them. Thank you for our friends. Thank you for being present with them.

jterribili said...

been praying for you guys and the little ones all afternoon. breathe easy, rest in God - he is holding all of you especially the babes in his hands - they are precious to Him.

take care and call me anytime if you need anything at all.


Kim Smith said...

Judging by my son's one month early arrival into the world and his current state of being a "beast" as his dad so affectionately calls him, your kids are gonna bring quite the par-tay... haha... praying for you guys lots... love you all!