Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby Furniture

Hello friends, family, and the other 2 of you around the world who check this blog.

Diana and I are as you probably know, pregnant with twins. We are in the process of looking for baby furniture such as crib(s), a changing table, and a dresser (etc.) We don't really know where our nursery will be just yet but we know we will need stuff to put in there. We dont really want to buy new stuff if we can help it. We figure there is enough stuff out there because, you know, there's been other babies before ours and we'd love to save some money. We are checking craigslist, etc to find some stuff. We have seen some good deals but not anything we are willing to jump at yet.

I figured I would throw this out there... if any of you have, say a friend in Raleigh who is looking to get rid of some baby furniture... or say, a cousin in Cary who wants to sell their old changing table... I ask this of you... Please have them give me a call or provide me with their contact info so that I can hit them up. I am willing to pay in cold hard cash.

For now that is all.


-Jason, Diana, baby boy, and baby girl

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Scott Family Blog said...

Hi Jason! Congrats and the little ones! Gosh I wish we lived closer. Justin/I are so excited for you and Diana. I have tons of stuff I could give ya'll :) We are done having kiddos--at least for the time being. I hope you're all doing great.
Love ya'll!!