Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yes...we have clothes!

Addison in her little outfit

Me and my boy...

I have a feeling this will be a favorite picture of mine for a while...

Diana and Addison

Between these two women in this picture my heart is in no way shape or form my own any longer... (not that is has been in the last 5 or 6 years ;)

To see more pictures visit Rebecca's blog as she has put more up on her site... (if we put all of them here you wouldn't have to go to her site and check them out ;) thanks for sharing your amazing gift with our family Rebecca!!! (regardless of if our pics are on her site - you should frequent her site as she just does amazing work)

So many great things happened over the past week with the kiddos.

Their PICC lines were pulled because they no longer need the IV nutrition. When they no longer have that line they start putting little onsies on them. They don't like to dress them when the PICC or IV lines are in because they don't want to risk disrupting the lines. It's fun to see them in little outfits, makes them seem more like a "normal" baby. We have some really cute onsies for both Aidan and Addison (thanks Becky, Leslie, Rebecca and Karen) that I took up to the hospital over the weekend. They are still a bit small for the clothes but really cute in them anyways!

They also were taken off the Vapotherm form of oxygen and are just getting regular oxygen, another great step! They are growing, growing. growing. Aidan weighed in at 3lbs 1 ounce tonight and Addison was 2lbs. 14ozs.

Addison's heart murmur seems to be getting better, they can barely hear it when they listen to her heart.

We love spending time with them, holding them, reading to them, just hanging out. This time has truley become our favorite time of our day.

The next step is to get them out of the isolets (their "condos") and into an open bed as they call it. Then they will be able to be in the same liitle crib!!! They have to show that they can regulate their body temperature to make this next step.

We are reminded on a daily basis of just how BIG God is when we see our little miracles. Thanks again for your continued love, support and prayers!

-Jason and Diana (both were contributing authors to this post ;)


Revolu said...

that first picture is such glory! hands raised in jubilation. so happy for you guys.

Patrick said...

i love the pic of aiden giving you a stiff arm. future football player perhaps? strong work little man, strong work.

amy hathaway said...

I love the hand picture!!! That one is so cute!!

Kimberly H said...

These pictures are so beautiful and I am so happy that your little ones are doing so well. You two also seem to be glowing.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Such great pics! I got Diana's email, I am heading out of town this week, but I will get in touch when I get back. I met a girl at the football game last Sat. who has 8 month old twins, she had them at 26 weeks. She said to please let you guys know that although the road ahead is long and difficult, it does get better and she has never been happier or more exhausted! Ha! Ha! :-) Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Aidan & Addison have had an excellent night. Just now we moved them up to the next room in Intermediate! Now they're cozy right next to one another.
By the way, the pictures are fabulous!!
See you next week!
~Nurse Rebecca

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

What great photos! There is one that shows up in the "can you see" part where one of the babies appears to have Di's dimples?! Is it true?! We might be in town this weekend and would love to see you guys?! Let us know if you have free time.

Scott Family Blog said...

Love the new pics. So glad things are going great. I so wish we lived closer to ya'll. We miss you! Give those babies a kiss for us! -the Scotts