Friday, September 05, 2008

Update on the Babies

Aidan is having a little trouble as of yesterday afternoon. After some ex rays and tests the doctors are concerned of a possible bacteria infection in his intestines and have begun treating him in case. I am not gonna go into all the details as to how they have narrowed it down to that but that is where we are. As to how serious... with what this could be, all babies respond differently and there is no "normal" series of events or recovery. Again, more unknown. Did I mention lately how well Diana and I do when things aren't possible for us to simply fix or work to make better. ;)

I would like to ask for some of you prayer time for him. He is a tough little guy but I can tell this has him down a little. I can look in his eyes and tell he is feeling a little weak.

As for Addison, she is doing great today. She looks a bit more attentive and alert with each passing day. She loves to ook at Diana and I and you just get a sense she is smiling. It's so obvious she knows our voices.

Diana and I are doing well. She is tired but holding up. I am not used to being in situations I cannot fix when need be but I am learning more and more that I am not in control. It's funny how we really learn "faith". I feel as though I am in some kind of rapid learning center right now. Things go like this... "you can't do anything... choose to have faith or not." We are fortunate to find strength and to have faith in something bigger than us. Please pray that this continues for us.

I feel like a broken record but thanks to each of you time and time again for your love, prayers, and support. I am hearing stories of more and more people than I could imagine somehow being passed along to this blog. I believe God is using each of you in your own way whether you know it or not. For that I am grateful.

The only other update I have is this - It's amazing how fast and how deeply you fall in love with them. I am amazed.

Love and Peace,



The Laughters said...

You keep making me cry Jason! THank you for keeping us all updated. All 4 of you have prayers that are being lifted up everyday, all day. Just know we all are thinking about you and look forward to watching you and Diana as parents to your sweet babies. I can't wait for our next reunion with all of our kiddos running around together. Hang in there and give Diana a big hug for me please. love, Brandi (Franklin) Laughter (Dianas ol pal from Hendo)

piper said...

thanx for taking the time to update this blog. keep fighting little babies!!

we are praying...and we won't stop!!

love, jerm, pipe, harp, si, aige

Coombs Family said...

Thank you for sharing. We had our twins at 37wks, spent two wks in the hospital w/'s good to hear your honesty, your emotions, your true faith, your love for each other & the love you have for your babies. God has already blessed the four of you and those little ones will be running around before you know it and you'll be left wondering how they got so big! You are in our diligent prayers.
Love, west coast Coombs Family.

Anonymous said...

Know that many people are praying for those two little souls. I have asked everyone I have spoken with to keep them in their prayers. Know also that we all have you and Dianna in our prayers, asking for strength and peace. There is a statement I like to keep in mind in times such as this....."Do not tell your God how big your storm is....Tell you storm how big you God is!" Hope, peace and love are some of the many gifts He gives us.

daniel said...

hey there man, we'll keep praying for both the babies especially for little Aidan.

love you guys.

the renstroms

Lisa quinn said...

Thinking and praying for you, Diana and the little ones. hugs from the Quinn's!!

Anonymous said...

just checked into see updates-Rebecca's pictures are beautiful but how could they not be?(not taking anything away from her talent, but she has some pretty beautiful little ones to work with!)

I'm still praying for you all, and will lift up a special prayer for Aiden tonight. love you guys-Laura J.