Saturday, September 13, 2008

A good night...

Tonight Diana and had a date. We started out our evening seeing our babies at Wake Med. It's hard to top that if I am honest. After visiting our children we then went to a restaurant called Taco Bell for some fine Mexican/American cuisine. For an appetizer we enjoyed a hard shell corn tortilla with bean spread and cheddar cheese on top. Our main course was a grill, stuffed, chicken burrito con hot sauce that was simply incredible. We then indulged ourselves with a dessert of what else but taco bell's world famous cinnamon twists. We matched our dinner with a beverage selcetion of a fine rasberry nestea from their soda fountain.

After dinner the romantic evening continued a Babies R Us for a little game we call "let's find a changing table."

Then we came home and got ready for a yard sale.

Now Diana is asleep on the couch.

In all seriousness... it was great just to hang out with my wife. (We both really did get excited when we saw taco bell.) I love that we can have fun just doing simple stuff. We had fun together. Our babies have had a good couple of days. Our dog is pretty sweet too. We have good friends and great family. Tonight, life is good...

*(sigh of peacefulness.....)

sleep well,



Shannon Smith said...

That's what dates are like when you have kids.

Mandy said...

Glad ya'll could spend some quality time together. I prayed for your two little ones as I went on a walk in the rain today (I am in Michigan). And I would have to agree with Shannon..."dates" do change once you have kids, but they are still fun nights to have!

Blondie said...

"That's what dates are like when you have kids."

What?!?!? You mean there are people that have dates when they have kids?!?!

Your date sounded GREAT by my standards. We have two boys, 9 and 2, and I am pretty sure we haven't had a "date" in at least two years.

I am so thankful that your kids are doing well. They seem to really be fighters!

Josi said...

Hi you two! I am always checking up to see how your lil' babies are doing. I am glad to hear things are better, but I am sending them my strength so you can take your babies home with you! I am so happy for you two, I always knew you two would make great parents. :-)Sending you strength from Switzerland, Josi

Kendal Q. said...

It won't be long before you have A & A tagging along with you on your next date to Taco bell!