Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hard to believe...

Our kiddos are already a week and a day old! Over the past week there have been moments of pure joy, feelings of helplessness, tears and smiles. The emotional rollercoaster has been a bit tougher than we expected. We are so thankful that we have such supportive and encouraging family and friends and the thoughts and prayers of so many. Please know that we appreciate all the e-mails, calls. cards, etc. Our apologies if you haven't heard back from us, days just seem to fly by right now.

Aidan is doing better today. The X-ray of his belly/intestines this morning showed a big improvement. Thanks for the prayers ;) They were also able to get his PIC line in his little arm (this serves as an IV but they dont have to keep moving it around and resticking him all the time as these can stay in for up to 30 days.)

Addison is doing well. She does have a heart murmer which was a bit concerning. She was given and ECHO exam and it showed it was pretty large. They begin givin her medication for that this morning and it sounds like that is already closing up.

Both babies had head ultra sounds (normal test for babies) and showed no blood on their brain. This is a very good thing. They have also gained about an once per day over the last 2 days which is also exciting. They are both about 2 onces shy of their original birth weight but look to be heading in that direction.

The doctors, nurses and other staff at the ICN (Intensive Care Nursery) at WakeMed are amazing!!! We are so grateful for each of them.

We hope you're having a good weekend! Thanks for caring about our family.

with love,

-Jason and Diana (Diana wrote most of this one - then she got tired ;)


Rebecca said...

So glad to hear things are looking better for little Aidan! We LOVE you guys! Praying for all four of you! And happy one week birthday Aidan and Addison!! :)

piper said...

thanx for the updates...i check this blog all the time to see how those little peanuts are doing and how you guys are holding up!
so happy to hear that things look better...we'll keep praying!!

love, jerm, pipe, harp, si, aige

Jennifer said...

I am so glad to see that Aidan & Addison are both doing better. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

I saw a few weeks ago that you were looking for nursery furniture. I have talked to several people looking to either give away or sell baby items recently. Please let me know if you still need/want items & I will be happy to put you in touch with them. My email address is:

Hope things continue to go well for you all!
Jennifer Enzor