Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aidan and Addison

Well our babies have had a strong past few days. Here are the updates...

Aidan is (seemingly) over whatever stomach bug he had. His energy level is back up and his eyes are wide open quite a bit. I may be a little biased but trust me... this guy is handsome. His weight is up to an astounding 2 pounds and 9 ounces which is 2 ounces over his birth weight. He got down to just over 2 pounds before he started this increase and he has gained just about everyday for the last 5 days. Every morning and every night I let him know how proud I am of him for how hard he is fighting through all of this. I can tell he is giving it everything he has.

Addison is so adorable. She has her mothers eyes and I can already tell I am in a lot of trouble. I am not sure how she knows how to look at me the way she does but it is beautiful. She did get officially diagnosed with a heart murmur and it was apparently allowing some blood to get back in her lungs. They have given her some medicine to help close that valve and we'll get those results today. On a recent x-ray it did look like she had some extra fluid in her lungs and she is having a little more trouble breathing right now. The docs have upped her oxygen flow and change a couple other things and that has seemed to help her a bit. Her weight is up to 2 pounds and 10 ounces which keeps her just a touch heavier than her brother right now. I attribute that to him having to work so hard in the womb to hold her in ;)

All I want to do is sit at the hospital all day. I am finding it hard to concentrate as I just want to be close to them. I know Diana is feeling the same way. We had a couple of baby showers over the weekend (which were amazing!) and some of our friends gave us some car seats. It was a bit emotional thinking about the fact that this is what we'll bring them home from the hospital in. In some ways we just want them home and in other ways we know they are where they need to be. Time just seems to be passing slowly at times...

All in all things are great right now. The prayers and support mean so much. We feel so protected and cared for. Thanks for sharing in this with us.

Jason and Diana

ps - I will post some new pics later today or tonight. I also have some video I would like to get up but I need to do a little research and figure out how to do it. I need to edit and figure the best way to upload it here. If you have any knowledge of this... please to send it my way.

pss - Diana and I are both tired ;)


Erin Fish said...

hang in there. i know you guys are so tired. we are praying for you and for the little ones to keep being so strong! said...

we love you guys! and are praying for your family. thanks for the detailed updates, Jason!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I'm praying for you and those little ones. Please hug Diana for me! Btw, my nephew Jake has been drawing all kinds of animal pictures for the babies!

Stay strong!

Kim Smith said...

Thanks for the update, Jason! I'm so glad that our home group was able to get the car seats for you. It'll seem like no time and they'll be coming home in them. I'm praying for you all!

Oh, and I wish I could say that the whole 'being tired' thing goes away but, unfortunately, it doesn't. But it's all worth it! You guys rock!