Thursday, October 23, 2008

Warning: Good looking babies!!!

Aidan and Addison are doing great. Yesterday He topped the 5lb. mark and she is just under at 4lbs and 15oz. They are still needing a little bit of help breathing and are working on learning to eat. Those are the last 2 big hurdles before they can come home. Currently they need a little extra oxygen and they are getting most of their food (milk) from a feeding tube. I told them that when they get older they will realize this not the best way to do things but they are not following my rationalization.

They are so beautiful. Words can't explain what it's like holding them and looking into their eyes. i am starting to feel like they know we are supposed to be there or they are supposed to leave wit us or something. It's only a matter of time I guess. My uneducated guess would be another 3 - 5 weeks before they can come home though the nurses have said sometimes everything just comes together at once. We want to be realistic so we dont feel any let down but we would be happy if they could come home tomorrrow ;)

Here are a couple pics for you. The hats they have on are courtesy of our friend Elyse who made them for our family. Thanks Elyse!!!

Diana and Aidan. I think he is blowing a kiss to all the ladies...

Aidan and Addison all ready for the Fall. ;)

Thanks for all the love and support,

-Jason and Diana


Rebecca said...

you're right, they are really good looking babies! i have some super cute pics of addison in her tutu coming your way real soon!

Anonymous said...

i am going to make stricter visitor rules in the ICN .... cuz real tall dudes scrae the premies !! LOL
shelley :}

Anonymous said...

oops....scare :}

Anonymous said...

Awww...Diana--they are so cute. You're right--they are getting so much bigger & ready to come home. Yay!

Lindsey & Kyle

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

Yah!!! Congrats you guys...they look great!!