Friday, October 03, 2008

Tracking Guitars

Yesterday Pat (and I, but really Pat was there way longer than I was) went to Mark's Studio to track guitars for one of the songs we're working on for Visio Dei. This is in no way a final mix but a glorious video of Patrick working on some guitar layering... enjoy.

(I ripped this video off of Pat's blog - I feel no flaw in this as I am the one holding the camera - though I still wanted to give credit to where I first found it. I also assume he will not care as we are, well... ya know... friends. And well... there is also the fact that he might have lived in my basement for a while. Something like that.)

Pat is very good. You are also hearing the wonders of Zack Van Hoy on the drums and John Enzor on the bass. GLORY!

I'm not sure yet what to do with these songs once we're finished. I just know I/we really wanted to get them recorded. We will figure this other stuff out later.



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Revolu said...

Mmmmmm to the sounds