Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ok... so I am going to buy something

***note - this post descibes events that happend last week - but i forgot to finish the post. There is a bit or humor in that given the content of the post.

If any of you have known me at any point in the last 15 years of my life the content of this post will not surprise you.

Sunday afternoon I couldn't find my wallet. I really thought I put it in my book bag before I left Sunday morning but I looked and it wasnt there. I assumed when leaving our church building that I had left it at home. Got home Sunday night and no wallet. I went through the day Monday with no wallet and Diana and I tore through the house looking for it. It was not at home.

MOnday night, instead of meeting some friends out (because I didn't have my ID) we then went to the church building and again did not find it there. Late, Monday night before going to bed I looked in my book bag one last time (for the 20th time) and alas... there it was. Hmmmmmmmm....

Then tuesday morning I got to the church building and could not find my phone - DAHHHHHHHH. I knew I put it in my book bag but it wasn't there. I went all through lunch without my phone and went home then to look for it. I stayed at home for an hour and a half looking for my phone and could not find it. At this point I was very tired of having things... well, LOST.

I then went back to the building to finish my work day and my phone was... guess where... right in my book bag. Hmmmmmmm.....

So - in response to this series of events... I am convinced of 3 things:

1) I have always temporarily misplaced things and might be doomed with this trait til death
2) My bookbag not only is a black hole but also carries with it certain characteristics of the island in the tv show - LOST
3) I just may need to buy a fanny pack

perhaps it will not be so bad. After all - I will not lose my things and perhaps it will come back in style soon enough...

Who's with me???


Caitlin said...

In the 8.5 years I have been with Rick I bet I have spent 6 months of it looking for his keys, phone, guitar picks, belts ect. Two of a kind :) We just have learned to live with it as well. Just have Diana keep track of everything REALLY important.

Erin Fish said...

oh my gosh you are just like Fish! I have spent days looking for wallet, sunglasses, keys, pencils, bills...everything of his. You guys do need a fanny pack.