Sunday, November 20, 2005


So it is Sunday evening about 10:30pm and I am thinking of how amazing it is to see God move. Within Hungry we have been in this series in Genesis for the last 8 weeks with the idea that maybe by looking at how our story with God began, we could get a feel for where He was leading us now. Words can't express what a journey the last 8 weeks have been for me (and from the way it seems a lot of others also).

While there is no way (really no point) I could sum up the time we've spent engaing this book in the Bible I will tell you my view of God and relationship with Him has changed. And I think what is so impactful to me is that I know I am not the only one. We (Hungry) have this desire to seek God and live out His dream for the church. Our desire is to do that together, in community, with one another.

Tonight we spent time reflecting, as a community, where we have been and how it has impacted us. Everyone there laid out their thumb print on a piece of paper and held it throughout the night while Jeff summed up where we had been. We talked about how this was God's story and how we fit into it. We talked about how there is something amazingly beautiful about this story that we call the gospel and how that part of the story impacts everyone of us. But, just as each of us has a different thumb print, it probably impacts us each in a different way.

So as a response to all of this we spent time in worship and writing on those pieces of paper (around the thumb print) how this gospel has reached us over the last eight weeks. What we had at the end of the night was a beautiful collection of how God is moving in the midst of our community. This was so amazing in realizing that the gospel reaches each of us right where we are. Jeff shared a few of them as we all left celebrating where God is leading us. Jeff said he was gonna post some of them on his blog here. I encourage you to check them out.

Well to wrap up these thoughts, I just want to say thanks to all who are apart of this community. What a joy it is living life and serving with each of you. The story of this community wouldn't be the same without each person who engages life here. For that I am thankful. I also am thankful to our God who beckons us to live in His story... a story of hope, a story of wonder, and a story of love...

I pray we would all be found by this story of God...



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