Saturday, March 07, 2009

Long Overdue

Hello family and friends,

I appreciate all of the emails, phone calls, and text messages reminding me I haven't given the masses their updates on our children. There are two primary reasons for this:

1)We haven't put any pics up lately due to our camera malfunctioning again. We are waiting for our friends at BestBuy to send it back to us. We have a memory card with over 100 pics from Christmas time through now.

2) The second reason is that we now have 2 children and finding time to sit in front of this machine and type has become more difficult to come by.

As amends to my slackness, I would like to offer you this video I created of our children smiling. It is not long however you will see that our babies are infact growing bigger and stronger and more beautiful as each day passes.


-Jason (and Diana)

ps - thanks for caring about our family... we love you.


Katie Baker said...

Wow really cute! Looks like they are doing good :-)

Kim Smith said...

Cute! I miss those baby sounds... guess I'll get to hear them again soon enough! :)