Saturday, February 14, 2009

Interview with Silver

Some friends of mine have a new record about to be dropped (like it's hot) and I am working with them to get the word out for their CD release shows coming up. I say "shows" because they have one in Raleigh as well as one in Charlotte. Below is an interview with the band talking about their new record, cd release dates, and Pat's favorite color (guess which one I made up?)

I would love to ask you 3 favors as you watch this video:

1) Plan on coming to the show. They have worked really hard to put some great songs together. Their record is awesome. Support local music. Don't do drugs. Prevent forest fires.

2) Think of someone you can specifically introduce to Silver Music. Invite them to come with you to the show.

3) If you have a blog, friends in you email contact list who like music, a website, or a grandmother who is really into "edgy" pop... please do what you can to get this video to them. I ask you to embed it in your site, send them here to this site, or just email them the youtube link. By the middle of the week we'll have another video/acoustic recording for you to push out for us as well ;) ---> Online community is very helpful in this sort of thing ;)

Thanks for your help!

Raleigh folk, put it on your calendar now.... Next Saturday Night ---> The Pour House.

Here is The Official Silver Music Site. Check that out right after you enjoy the interview: