Friday, February 06, 2009

30 Years Young

So, this past Tuesday... on February 3rd I turned 30 years old. No, I don' feel old. My body doesn't hurt or ache, my knees feel better than they did last year (running long distances was from the devil), and I am no more forgetful than I was 10 years ago (no jokes here.) In fact, I feel great. Nonetheless, this is something close to a milestone. I dont think I ever thought about "30" when I was younger. Not sure if that means I simply "live for the moment" (if you know me well, you're probably agreeing right now) or if I didn't think I would make it this long as crazy as I have been from time to time.

In looking back on 30 years I have had an amazing go at things so far. I have loved every second with my family (that is ever increasing in many ways.) My parents and grand parents have shown more support than I could ever ask for. I have had, lost, and still have some of the best friends anyone could ever want. I have had incredible teachers, coaches, bosses, and role models. I have even had and still have great pets. I have tried many, many things. I have failed in things. I have succeeded in things. I have loved and lost (and wouldn't change it.) I have loved and won. I am certain I have hurt some people and I have felt remorse. I have gotten to see places all around the world and had the priveledge of serving people there. I recieved double the blessing in return from those same people I was looking to serve. I have tried some things I probably shouldn't have tried (no need to list things here ;)I have grown to learn wrestling, sushi, music, reading, coffee, beer, poetry, movies of all kinds, the guitar, musicals, jui-jitsu, marketing, red wine, avocados, guacamole, french toast, animals, people, the world around me, and God our Creator and Father. I have also been given who I am convinced is the worlds greatest wife (for me specifically - I dont want to down play other folks wives) who loves me more than I deserve. Together we have been given two miracles in our children Aidan and Addison (maybe more someday ;)

Though the previous paragraph wouldn't communicate it (after all those post is about me turning 30...) I have also realized to a small degree, this world isnt a small story with me as the main character but instead a much larger story with me as a small character. I am coming to know this more and more and it is continually changing my life for the better. Everything up above has served in some way to reveal that to me. I pray I continue to learn this and helps me become who I was created to be.

Looking back - other than pain I could have caused others; I wouldn't change a thing. I sincerly mean that. Laughs, tears, celebrations, and pain. All have brought me to where I am and I love it. Thanks for walking alongside me in this big world. It's been a blast and I can't wait to see the next 30.

Love and Peace,


ps - I feel the next 30 should be more productive as I already have some of the basics down already (walking, running, talking, etc)

pss - it's gonna be a lot of fun with Diana watching our children grow-up...

pss - thanks for all who made it to the crazy surprise party Diana threw for me. that should be a blog post all to itself. thanks for all the calls, voicemails, cards, and facebook messages. you are all incredible friends. we are truly blessed.