Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mery Christmas

Merry Christmas! I pray that the beauty and mystery of the God sending His son Jesus to be born in a manger as the savior of the world would be a bit more real to you this year. I pray that out of that the realization of new possibilities and limitless hope comes to you and your family.

Here are a few recent blessings and encounters with hope from my life right now:

Mommy, Daddy, Aidan, Addison, and Tanner

We might have been under the mistletoe... lucky for me.

First Christmas...

I saw the stockings hanging on the mantle while we were taking pictures and... well, I couldn't resist.

They acted like they liked it... ;)

As far as presents go... we're good on stuffed animals for a while... ;) The two tan bears on the bottom (one with a tank top and one without) were mine and Diana's growing up.

Daddy dressing his girl for some Christmas pics!!!

Aidan just being a stud...

I think we might have our hands full for a while.

I do a lot of things wrong in life. I find hope when I look at things like this. I find hope when I remind myself of stories like Christmas. I realize there really is a Hope for all of us. Friends, Family, folks I dont really know... Merry Christmas.

Love and Peace to you.

-The Gore Fam

*Thanks to Rebecca for taking the pics. Love you!


katy k said...

Too freakin' cute!!! When can I babysit??

Merry Christmas!
-Katy Kirkendall-

Renee said...

Jason and Diana...the babies are adorable!!!! SOOOOOO STINKIN CUTE!!! I hope you enjoyed the holiday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas! You have such a beautiful family! Miss seeing you!!! Let me know if you need any help or a night away!

Nurse Rebecca

Anonymous said...

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