Thursday, December 04, 2008

Car - You look very sad... ;)

Last night about 10pm we heard a loud bang outside our house. I ran downstairs and out on the front porch (this seems like the Christmas Story so far - I was upstairs and heard such a clatter... I ran downstairs to see what was the matter... ;) The story doesn't finish with 8 tiny deer or a large man with a white beard and a red suit.)

Upon getting outside I saw my car up on the curb... not parked by the curb at the appropriate 6 inches where I left it but literally, on the curb... by about 3 - 4 feet. My friends who hang out on the corner by my house yelled up at us cause they saw it. They saw some small red car plow into my car and then drive off. Judging by the angle that my car was sitting in relation to the curb, they had to have hit pretty hard and at a weird angle. They hit on the back left corner panel.. right into the gas tank and smeared all the way down the side to the front bumper. Both tires on that side were flat and both rims were bent. It looks like my rear axle could be broken as the back left tires is crooked.

We called 911, went out driving to look for their car as they couldn't have made it far (to no avail), and then called one of my brothers who works for RPD. I haven't heard anything from the Police yet so I am assuming they haven't found anyone.

This is a little sad cause it's the car Diana drove when I met her, it's paid for, and gets great gas mileage. Our plan was to drive this until the "wheels fell off." Well friends, that time has come sooner than expected ;)

Perhaps we will be able to fix it.. perhaps not. Either way.. it's no biggie. Things like this happen. In studying Exodus with our church over the last couple months I got closer than I have ever been able to get to a point where I thought... this is all just stuff. It's all "smoke and bubbles." Last night when I came back in and told Diana we actually just started laughing. We are gonna have to locate another vehicle if this one isnt fixable for a reasonable price and that could be troublesome but other than that... I am just sad cause our car looks sad ;(

I will post pics soons...

Until next time.. watch out for a little red car with beat-up front right side. They have difficulty staying on the road. (Unless ofcoarse someone at our church did this on purpose cause the music is too loud or something - of which case you have nothing to worry about ;)

Love and Peace,



Emily Alden said...

sad times, that happened to my car this summer... bummer!

Emily Alden said...

haha i made a rhyme

kec said...

I would never hit your car (purposefully), even if you did turn the music back up.

But ... perhaps a Buy-one-get-one-half-price sale is what you need?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!!! That happened to my first car in the middle of the night. Some kids (under 16) stole a car and crashed it into mine, then walked away from it all. They were caught though! Good luck with all that!!!

Katelyn K.

Anonymous said...

studying Exodus? ;)

Chris Waluk said...

I drove by your house and saw your car last week. It did indeed look very sad. I poured out a little PBR for the poor thing later that night.