Thursday, November 27, 2008


We have much to be thankful for this year... Here is an attempt in no particualr order.

- First and foremost... We're both thankful to get to be married to each other - Diana could just be saying this to be nice but I really mean it ;) - I never knew you could have so much fun just being with someone. I know I am a better man for being with Diana. I hope she could say the same - well, except not a better man but a better woman

- We have 2 babies and they are home with us now - seems like so long ago this whole journey started

- Our familiy is incredible - our parents, grand parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins... you've all been so great to us

- Our friends - seriously, you guys have gone so far to show us your love. thanks for making life more fun. from serving us, to giving us a chance to serve you, to challenging us to be the people we should be, for laughing with us and for crying with us... it just makes life better

- Medical Staff at Wake Med - our nurses, nurse practioners, and doctors were absolutely incredible. from our first night meeting with dr. Khera talking about earl labor and delivery to our last day there with Aidan and Addison's nurses we were blown away by their service, sincere concern, and compassion

- Our jobs - things are crazy right now. we consider ourselves fortunate to have a way to have income right now

- Health Insurance (I know everyone doesnt have this. we do. if we didn't we would probably be bankrupt. seriously. in a way... it's my fault your insurance cost alot. 2 babies born 3 months early cost a bit. we got a bill for Addison the other day. WOW.)

- Tanner - We have a great dog

- Our Roommates - we share a house with another family. things are hard when you live with people sometimes. it challenges you to examine lots of decisions you make and how you communicate. overall it's a really cool thing. i think it makes you a better person. kinda like a second marriage, which would be wierd. overall, they are pretty cool. we love them very much.

- Music - All aspects of it. that it is alive. for what it can do inside you. that i get to listen to it. that i get to play it. for the people i get to play it with... this is proobably the coolest part.

- Exercise - diana and i both enjoy it. she is thankful for her ability to run and go to the YMCA. lately i have been training at CrossFit and working specifically in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. this is very close to wrestling in many ways. not sure why this is so much fun for me but it is. in some ways i feel i am better at this stuff than anything else in my life.

- Scent - I like when things smell good. i love how certain aromas can take you to a certain place. coffee, ocean air, oranges, basil, flowers... i will stop here.

- Where it all comes from - different people attribute things to different places. we attribute all that we have been given to God our creator. we are ever grateful for the gifts that we have been given in our life and our hope is to honor God in response. he is the author of all that is good and right. he is our provider and i believe everything on this list comes by Him.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

-Jason and Diana (Aidan and Addison and Tanner)

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