Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just click the link

This very funny. I recieved this link by a good friend; Mr. Scott Wenger.

Craigslist Ad

I feel like me and this guy could be friends.


(*I am not agreeing that everything written on his post is right or good ;)


Megs said...

Awesome!! I had a friend send me that link this morning also! It is interesting how different things spread quickly like that.

Shannon Smith said...


"a. Its a 5-speed. Standard transmission. A manual. It has a clutch. It is not an automatic. So don't ask a stupid question like "is it an automatic?" because its not."

Dave said...

Dude has some time, and understands why someone would buy that vehicle.

Good one.

Scott said...

No matter how many times I eat rocks, I can never get that result.

Chris said...

for 1600 bucks, why WOULDN'T you buy this car ... amazing!