Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2008!!!!

I usually get excited each year about this time. I usually get some things organized and make some promises to myself that a lot of times stick and I believe also benefit my life and I hope those around me.

That got me thinking about how we celebrate New Years each year with such excitement. (Other than an excuse to throw a big party) I believe there is usually great anticipation when it comes to the New Year because we all have a sense of things needing to be renewed. We all feel the need for and are looking for change. I was thinking about that this morning and how it’s great that we have, in the gospel, the promise of all things being renewed. It was exciting for me to think on that this morning and I hope you can rest in that wherever you are and with whatever may be going on in your life… we have the promise of new life starting right now in the Way of Jesus. Praise God!!! I hope that sense of the gospel can flow out of my life and into the lives of others around me that are constantly looking for "new life".

May 2008 be a year of hope, peace, and love being renewed in the life of you, your family, and friends.



Anonymous said...

jason, just wanted you to know that i was just giving you a hard time on traci's blog. i think you are quite terrific as a pastor/servant leader...Peter like in fact.

i also want to say that one of my shining moments as a 'Christian/religious' mom (so i've been told.)(altho I didn't think so at the time) is when i called my son (who was the FCA president at the high school a FCA (f##**& Christian a**$^%&) you'll have to ask either he or Danielle or traci for the details if you want them. you won't find them in a parenting book.
hello to Diana!! vicki

Bernie said...

Oh, Mama P, I've heard THAT story! It's a good one. Glad everyone can laugh about it now :)

Happy new year!