Monday, January 14, 2008

I have recieved many emails

I have received many emails regarding Jeff's comments in his message yesterday about people thinking he spends his time "sitting in coffee shops all day..."

It is a touchy subject for me and so I have released a statement to show my feelings on the issue. You may watch it below.

Thank you for your support,


after thoughts
*This is obviously a joke. I have received only one email and it was comical. I merely wanted to show this video and saw this as a comical way to do so.

**On a side note - I respect Terrel Owens and Tony Romo for their hard work as NFL Players and the pressure they face from the media regarding their personal lives.


Sam Ed. said...

Morning Times Coffee tomorrow morning, right? Hahahahaha! Love you Jason...thanks for all your hard work!

Bernie said...

Jason, do you often get your sports news from The Guardian? Great paper, but interesting choice for football news.