Sunday, August 05, 2007

We are in Kenya...

Sorry for the delay on posting. We have not slowed down much since we got here and the only computers I have found with internets are on this strange thing called "dial-up". I am not sure what that means but everything takes alot longer.

Quick run down:
Over the weekend Joseph (our contact here - who is actually a local area Bishop, church, planter, pastor, and founder Africa Hope Center -orphanage here) had set-up leadership training for local area church leaders and pastors. We had the priviledge of leading two of the sessions and it was amazing. It is crazy but really the challenges facing the church right now really seem to be world-wide; "How do we mobilze church communities to serve their communities to bring glory to God?"

Today Corey and I had the honor of leading their worship service here this morning... Incredible! Corey spoke of Gods story and our place in it pointing Gods work in the world... even when things aren't easy. He mentioned later it was his first sermon ever... wow. He did incredible. And worshiping with these people here is nothing less than beautiful... knowing what they have and what God must mean to them... experiencing that was great.

After that we had lunch and went to the orphange. It is nothing short of a miracle what these people are doing here. We speak of true and undefiled religion and today I was surrounded by it. These children are more beautiful than you could imagine and the workers here giving their lives are my new heroes.

Most go now before next pop-up emerges (these internets here are crazy!!!)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I did miss worshipping with my home church this morning. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Grace, love, hope, and peace to you,

-Jason (and Corey)


Eric Wakeling said...

Stoked for you to be there. I shouted out a prayer for your safety and for the Spirit to work through you all.

I leave for Nairobi in one week so I am really appreciating your posts.

Anonymous said...

Where Daddy go? Af.. ahkah... yep. Af... ahkah. yep. Hey guys, hey guys, hey guys. I call daddy. Hewwo? Daddy? Af... ahkah. --Hannah Paxton.

aahahah baaa baaa aaaahahaaa

--Shiloah Paxton

I love you and miss you a lot.

--Danielle Paxton :)

Bernie said...

Thanks for letting us know what's going on, guys. Sounds like y'all have already had some wonderful opportunities to serve and love. What more could you ask for in a trip?!

Have fun and stay strong!

ashdown said...

great to hear from you!! jambo friend!