Thursday, August 23, 2007

Home indeed...

So I have been home for a week now. Honestly, I have been trying to ease back into things here so that I would not forget my time away in Africa. I have experienced other places in the world before and come back to the craziness here and the past seems like something that maybe you just dreamed about. I hope this has helped in the "processing side" of the trip overall.

Diana and I did go to the beach Monday and Tuesday for a little catching up time. We took Tanner (our puppy), some pasta and sauce that my dad made, and our bathing suits (we took other things too... those things were just some of the most enjoyable things there.) Great time!

The trip to Africa was incredible... I met some amzing people and saw things I will never forget. I am certain they are many opportunities for us to partner with somethings that are going on over there and I am certain there are somethings we can learn from them as well. I look forward to what the future holds.

For now... it is good to be home.




Anonymous said...

hey Jason, I'm glad you had some quality time with your beautiful wife. do you think you can post some of your Africa pictures on your blog since Corey doesn't have any pics, we really want to see!!

the Roanoke Paxtons

traci said...

show them the picture of the lion's teeth and the baboon that is bigger than Jeff

BFrancese said...

many stories you must share oh mighty one


i miss you

you're wife said i looked like jesus. what does that mean?

Diana said...

look like jesus = that crazy head and facial hair you have going is much like that of what we see in our childhood bible story books...