Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A little plane...

I only have a few minutes as one of the people who work at this airport let me on the Pilot's Network (it's not that dial-up thing.)

We are about to fly into a "jungle/desert" region in Northern Kenya called Liasamis (sp). We are flying on a small 9 seater plane (via a group called MAF.) We will prolly be there by the time most of you wake up. Would love some prayers for a safe flight and a productive trip. Corey and I just realized neither one of us got a yellow fever shot and they said here that would have been a good idea... whoops.

We are taking medical supplies into this area and meeting up with other people from Joseph's church who left Monday to go there. They have been setting up the clinic and we are bringing in the supplies. A doctor and a nurse are also coming with us as they couldn't come earlier in the week either. Joseph's church supports a missionary who lives there full time so the people there are of course expecting us. I have no idea what to expect.

The trip has been great so far. We are learning a great deal. I believe we have had a bit to offer to the community, church leaders, and children's home here thus far.

ok.. gotta run... thanks for the love, prayers, and support.

I miss my beautiful wife.



Diana said...

good to hear your voice today...glad to hear that things are going well. miss ya and love ya x's infinity - me :)

Shannon Smith said...

I'm glad we got to touch base the other night. I lok forward to our future advenures.