Monday, January 16, 2006

Last Night...

Our worship gathering last night at Hungry was amazing. We were looking at a passage were Jesus says, "I did not come to judge the world, but to save it." I have to tell you, there is something beautiful in sharing that with people. Something beautiful in saying that Jesus came here to restore your life, he came to restore this world. Whether it's your first time hearing that or you hear it all the time, when you slow down and let it sink in... Thank-you God...

Jeff made the point the we don't necessarily need someone else to judge us. I see what he means... if you're like me then you know you're at least a little screwed up. I find peace, love, and encouragement knowing that it's those moments where Jesus is saying, "I came to offer you salvation... a rescue from a much emptier and meaningless life..."

I pray this week we can all rest in those words of Christ... I hope we get that last part of Him offering us a salvation and that we would come to know what that means in its fullest. I also pray for those areas of our life where we find ourselves judging, that we would take on the words and heart of Christ and realize we too are here not to judge but to save the world... I believe this plays a large part in the prayer of Jesus to our Father... "Thy Kingdom come..."

Love and Peace,


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