Thursday, December 08, 2005

Seeking peace...

So this thought of "peace on earth" has been in my head lately. Probably because you hear it around Christmas time so much and probably because I also desire to see it in my life more. Well, right now i'm reading this book Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell and in it he talks about this word, Shalom. Shalom is the Jewish word translated by us as, peace. The only problem I'm finding is "peace" as an English word doesn't really do the true mean of Shalom justice... Peace to us means - The absence of conflict (only mildly attractive)... Shalom in it's fullest, in their culture meant - "the presence of the goodness of God. It's the presence of wholeness, completeness." - (by comparison - in my opinion - worth giving your life to seek after...)

Best I can, tell this "Shalom" is what salvation is all about. It's why Jesus came... For the goodness and greatness of God to be fully displayed and for His Kingdom to come... Sometimes when my view of salvation is reduced to just forgiveness of my sins, I feel as though I end up just focused on myself. If I stop there I wonder how that is going to bring Shalom to the world. I really believe it is not just about about what God has done for us... It also about what God has done/and is doing in us. It's about restoration - us becoming what God created us and the world to be.

I'm not saying that being saved from Hell isn't worth being excited about, but I am saying I more excited about a God that is involved with the here and now. I do know greater things are coming... I just don't want to think I need to wait until I die to experience peace... I want to know I am part of God's plan to restore this earth now. And I think that is what "shalom" is all about.

So just some thoughts from a follower of Christ wanting to see God's dream for my life and this world come to fulfillment. This season when we sing and celebrate... "Peace on Earth and goodwill to men", may we realize we are asking God for and celebrating Shalom in this world and for His Kingdom to come.

What a reason to celebrate this time of year...

Love and Peace (Shalom),



ashdown said...

preach it brotha, preach it!!

Keri said...

Definitely... with 60 miles/min lives we live, perhaps Shalom is even more attainable than this peace we all want.