Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FYI - this is happening

Last week Aidan and Addy realized that upright movement was a legitimate possibility. With vigor and focus a couple of intentional steps were taken. As awareness grew... this lead to more and more effort over a 2 day period. As we have already noticed in his life thus far, Aidan seems to jump in pretty quickly (not sure where he gets it) and as a result we have some great video.

Addy is taking a step here or there but seems to be much more calculated in her efforts. Video will come of this as soon as she feels ready ;)



ps - yes I was sick during this recording and I am in fact not speaking underwater.


Anonymous said...

Awww. It's so exciting to see your little guys growing and doing so well! I still think about you guys often, and I am always so excited to see updates on the kiddos! Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season!
Nurse Kelly

Álvaro said...

No he visto nunca unos peques tan emocionantes en toda mi vida...

¡Felices fiestas,para vosotros también pequeñines!

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