Monday, December 07, 2009

Faith... He is good... He is sufficient

There is a Pastor named Matt Chandler and he is the Lead/Teaching Pastor of the Village Church in Texas. In the semi-strange christian subculture that I am probably a part of, he is a guy that I listen to from time to time and usually always find great words of challenge, wisdom, and encouragement. He has a passion for God, the church, and most of all the healing Jesus offers to the world (the gospel) that is matched by few that I have ever heard.

On Thanksgiving day he had a seizure. They found a he has (had) a tumor on his right frontal lobe. I am so challenged and encouraged by the response of he and his family to this situation of unknowing. I wanted to share it with anyone who would take the time to engage. He had surgery this past Friday and it was "successful" as best they can tell so far.

He wrote this the day he was having surgery.

I would love for you to watch this video of Him also. This was taken before his surgery for his church to watch this past Sunday in his absence (in the hospital recovering from surgery or otherwise.)

One thing I really connected with was his line about "because he was so blessed he always wondered if/when he would experience difficulty." I have felt that way before in life. When our children were born (3 months early) I thought to myself... this is it. I pray we stand strong in the faith that we believe to be true. Please God grant us the strength... If I am honest - I still have that feeling sometimes... wondering if there will be a next time... I realize terrible things happen that we will never explain and/or understand. My prayer is if it does I can have the faith that this man/family has. I dont want that for my sake but for the sake you, my family, my friends, and for the glory of our Savior, Jesus.

Love and Peace,


side note - I am in no way suggesting that myself or someone else is more or less of a person if they do or dont have this type of faith. I am only suggesting there is something brilliantly hopeful about this type of faith that connects deep within my soul and I hope it for myself (and others) should I ever encounter such a situation.


Mandy said...

I have also been following his story. I watched this last night but you are right it is so encouraging. Thanks for posting.

Shannon Smith said...

He's so money, and he doesn't even know it. Matt Chandler brings it.

Peter K said...

This came across the wires today on

"Brain cancer tests a young pastor’s faith"

After reading your Post some time ago, this headline caught my attention - it's more than just an update - I couldn't resist passing it along to others.

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