Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Proud of our community

Last August Corey and I went to Kenya for a couple of weeks to experience some things that a friend of ours, Joseph Wamutitu, had going on there in hopes that we could find some ways to partner with him from here in the West. Joseph has started a children's home (Africa Hope Center) for children who have lost both of their parents to HIV/AIDS, started and oversees a number of churches, as well as a school just outside of Nairobi.

Well this weekend we brought Joseph into town and had him spend some time with us to further this process of working together. A team has been working for months now to plan for his time here to make sure it was valuable both for our community and for Joseph. Now that the weekend is past I have to say I am so proud of the work that went into it. Joseph was able to spend time with some key people from within and outside our community, we had a fund raiser kickball tourney, he got to teach on Sunday morning at our church, and we had this huge pot luck lunch on Sunday afternoon for folks to talk with him individually if they wanted. I know we will not know for a while if positive movement comes out of this time we spent together but I am so proud of how hard men and women worked to make it worth while now.

It is an honor to serve within our church. I dont use a lot of religious language in my day to day talking but I know God was glorified through this weekend. I know bodies were working because they are compelled by the love that Christ has for them and for the world. I know it's not a good idea to be proud or to boast but I will boast in how God seems to be working our community to serve those around us. I am proud. I pray this is only the beginning of a long and beneficial relationship with Joseph and The Africa Hope Center.

Peace and Love,


ps - check out his website. He does have child sponsoring available through the site if you are interested. If you have questions you can email him from there.

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