Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Am I on the wrong toilet?

So... this morning I was listening to the radio. I don't know the station or I would give them credit - my creative credibility apologies. Anyways, the DJ was reading a letter that someone sent in and it went something like this:

"We have a very independent 3 yr old and it has really been getting difficult for us to deal with. Then.. this happened. 2 weeks ago we were at an unnamed home improvement store looking at new washer and dryers. We all of a sudden noticed our 3 yr old missing. We looked up and down the next 2 ailes and then found our 3 yr old sitting on a model toilet with her pants at her ankles. When we found her she smiled and said, "mommy, where is the toilet paper?

As you can imagine we very embarrassed."

So - I am not sure why the guy was reading the letter, perhaps something like "send us your embarrassing moments" time or something.

BUT - I, for some reason, immediately thought to myself... I wonder how many times in life I'm sitting on the wrong toilet (figuratively ;). I mean to this girl, she thought she was in the right place. It looks like a potty... opens like a potty... sits like a potty... it's obviously a potty. The truth is though - her limited understanding lead her to "the wrong toilet."

I got to thinking how many times in my life does my own knowledge, expertise, or pride put me on the wrong toilet (outside of that 1 year in college ;) I mean, we walk into things all the time because we think we know best or have it all figured out. It just made me contemplate the importance of yielding my "independence and self-reliability" to our Father.

My heart tells me he closer than a couple of aisles away and desires nothing more than to offer wisdom as soon as we are willing to ask and accept.

Ever feel like you're on the wrong toilet?


ashdown said...

bro....you have no idea...
great thought

Revolu said...

nice analogy...and yes...

Rebecca said...

what? you mean you're not supposed to use the display toilets at home depot???


Anonymous said...

don't you hate it when people post anonymous comments?

My question for you is this: does fear of being on the wrong toilet/focused on self-reliance keep you from really knowing yourself, and, therefore, keep you from serving the Lord fruitfully?

Isn't what we fear that very thing that holds us back?



Anonymous said...

Okay, so that might have sounded sharp up there from anonymous, but it is honestly my question! I observe this very thing in my own life and am merely posing the question for more depth of thought and discussion.

I am in no way implying that you do NOT serve the Lord fruitfully. My question is more wondering at the nature of fear and how it keeps us from the real fruit God has for us. We can serve with some fruit while afraid, but we can serve with great fruit when free. The above question is meant out of genuine curiosity and I really did mean fondly.

My husband said my comment was a little too sharp, I tried to recant but I was denied. But, (it has happened once before) my husband is a feeling-centered guy who sometimes reads too much into things. I tend to read too little.

So, now I'm awkwardly rambling in an attempt to make nice. I'm also up way past my bedtime and the baby will probably wake up at 5 a.m. again.



Shannon Smith said...


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I will never comment on a blog again! I suck at this.


jason said...

yo anon (my friend danielle ;)...

Thanks for the questions. If you stopped blog commenting I would be dissappointed. I do think fear holds us back from a lot of stuff. No doubt about it. I hate that about myself and it frustrates me in others.

I am not really talking about holding back because of fear though. I am referring more to lack of discernment/not waiting for direction/searching for wisdom/a willingness to just "have it all figured out."

For example, when Corey and I were in Africa we learned of these missionaries that found this tribal group on a desert plain that had no permanant housing. So as a missionary from the west knowing what is best - they decided to build permanant housing for these tribes. Little did they know however thses tribesmen did not value wooden shacks/with roofs. They did however value firewood. SO 2 years after spending a lot of money and building all these houses/shacks... there was nothing left standing to show for their efforts.

One could argue they ended up on the wrong toilet.

Allow me to say this with grace and with my own humility as I am sure I have done many of the same things. I would also like to point out the fact that at least these missionaries were trying to show love to these people and do the best they could. Perhaps not a perfect illustration for sure. - Thanks for discussing ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah... I see.