Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Wreck

I have intentionally not posted about the wreck for about a month for a couple reasons.

1) I didn't want it to seem like I was looking for a few charitable "awwwwwws"

2) I didn't want to make very light of the situation b/c it was a bad situation and could have been a lot worse.

Now that some time has passed - here are the details.

Monday night, September 10th I was driving on New Bern Ave. Upon entering the Tarboro Rd intersection I all of a sudden felt like a shotgun went off in my head. Apparently I was creamed by a guy who ran red light while trying to escape from the police. They hit me on the driver side just in front of my door and sent me spinning. They flipped over my car and landed on their side (which is where they were when I got out of my car.)

When I got out of my car their were people with guns already drawn and a lot of screaming. The only problem was these people with guns were in street clothes and there were no police cars or sirens at first. SO - just so you know, if you are plowed by another vehicle and are a bit dizzy and incoherent and people have guns out and are yelling - you are afraid.

I finally noticed one of the guys with a gun had a badge on his belt and I noticed a minivan with a guy in it (which is the vehicle that was following Mr. Bad Guy) - I finally put 2 and 2 together that this was an undercover deal (turns out to be a special undercover squad after a guy wanted for armed robbery.)

I had headaches pretty bad for the first week and was a bit "fuzzy" but now most of that is gone.

My car was deemed totaled and now I am trying to find a new car (new old car most likely) and that is pretty frustrating.

The thoughts that went through my head when it happened were in order:

1) what the heck just happened

2) i think i got hit

3) I hope i live to see Diana again

4) i think that was an air bag

5) when am i going to stop spinning - this is not good

6) i hope there is not a semi-truck coming who can't dodge me

7) whoa - i am ok i think

8) how in the world am i ok - (thank you God)

9) why are people yelling with guns

10) I am a little scared

Here are some pics from where they towed my car:

refer to thought number 4

my front end was bent over about 2 - 3 feet... frame and all

Yes it is leaning over... that front tire isn't really connected to anything

refer to thought number 2

This is the coolest part. We actually found the video footage from the traffic light there at the intersection and saw the whole thing happen. Feel free to check it out. I am a little embarresed of how I handled myself.

On a serious note - It could have been a lot worse. I have probably never felt so protected in my entire life. I am thankful to still be around and enjoying life with all my family and friends.

Peace and love,



Jon said...


aca said...

i am so sorry it happened...and i am glad you are ok.

Marlow said...

glad your ok dawg.


Seth B. Hall said...

Glad to hear you are OK and that you give blessings to God. Also, good to see your sense of humor about the whole thing. Peace brother.


Jon said...

Apparently I'm the only jerk.

Mike Morrell said...

WOW. I had no idea. Goodness gracious.

Listen, you probably sustained some damage from that hit that you're not even aware of, that won't surface for awhile. I don't mean to be a downer; what I mean to do is suggest our chiropractor. We go to an awesome guy in town who sees people in post-traumatic conditions. Drop me an email if you'd like a referral--you could go in for a consultation at no charge with my recommendation.