Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Good Story

We went to Hendersonville this weekend for Amy's wedding (Amy is Diana's sister.) On the way home we were extremely tired from all the festivities of the weekend. I decided to drive because I knew Diana was exhausted.

It wasn't long before she fell asleep.
But then I started to get a bit tired. I thought... man... I wish I could just pull ever. Then Tanner was like... "do you think I can drive?"

I said, "no way man. you're a dog. you're a puppy. You're not even 14 weeks old. you can't drive."

but then i got to thinkin... I am really tired... and German Shepherds are really smart, right... So I asked him, "Are you sure you are feeling up to it?"

He said, "Look at this face... please, please...."

So i said ok.... I gave him a chance and much to my surprise... he did great!

I soon feel asleep for a nice nap. I am not sure how much time passed.

Later however, I was scared to wake up and find that he was not paying to much attention to road in front of him. There was a poodle in the car beside us and he was swerving over to get her attention. Of course I took the wheel immediately.

So then I did what any responsible dog owner would do... I put him back in the back seat for the rest of the way home. He was a bit sad.. but I think he understood.

At least I got a good nap in.

This has been The Adventures of Tanner. For now that is all. See you next time.



BFrancese said...

Tanner! Come on now son. Keep the eyes on the road. The ladies will just distract.

But this is a glorious story.

pat said...

this is without doubt the greatest post...ever

Jon said...

You have derailed.

this is like the story about the rottweiller on the movie "Half Baked"

Meg said...

Cracking me up at work!

Hahaha, thanks!

Aarong said...

Is Tanner availble this Sunday through Thrusday? I hav eto drive to Pennsylvania and would love his assistance!

BFrancese said...

it is good young tanner was not @ the wheel yesterday, though your immense thighs could have saved him...or perhaps he could have manuvered his way around this speeding obstacle that rammed you so quickly...considering his driving skills are so graceful

we are glad you are here bro...praying for those headaches man.