Friday, March 09, 2007

Yet another reason why I love my (our) church...

So today I send out the "weekly email" like I do every week, only this week is the week we are supposed to set our clocks forward an hour. Well every year it seems there are quite a few people who show up an hour late to their respected "church gathering" on that sunday morning and I was reminded to remind everyone about this once a year occurance this Sunday. Seemed like a great idea (and probably was - to an extent.)

So in my head I thought - it would be comical and certainly get the message accross to not just put the message in once (or twice) but maybe four or five times. I mean how are gonna people gonna forget now.... and... it's FUNNY!!! (which is really what I was trying to do anyways)

So then I ge tan email in response that goes something like this:
"do you really think it's a good idea to make people think we care so much about setting their clocks just so they don't miss Sunday morning. I mean if we really do believe church is not just about Sunday morning and are trying to break stereo types of what church really is or really isn't then maybe we should be more careful" - I paraphrased to make this person not sound as mean. :)

So here is what I am thinking/feeling... I love that we have worked so hard to create a culture where people do realize this... Church is about so much more than Sunday morning and the thought of allowing people to think that it is just about a place you go a sit for an hour on Sunday morning is a disgrace to the gospel and to what Jesus lived and died for (and rose from the dead for - Praise God....) People care so much about this they are willing to question every decision they make and run it through the filter of "what am I really communicating?"

I understand it can get old saying "the church is a group of people, not a building..." but I got to tell you... we live in a culture that has not seen that. I fully believe that until we are more than a group of people that are known for going to bed early on Saturday so we can get up early on Sunday, we will remain largely irrelevant to to majority of our world.

So anyways... sorry for mis communicating through an unintentional message. Thank you for following and leading in a movement that I believe can help put this world back together again.

It is funny b/c I have a friend who works at a church that is trying to get the leadership and membership to understand the church has to be about more than Sundays... and I am getting an email from someone in our church reminding me... I absolutely love it... Thanks... I love you bro...

feel free to throw out your thoughts....


my disclaimer
I honestly was just trying to remind people. I know people love to come and worship and learn from one another on Sundays so I wanted to help them not over sleep. And I wanted to be funny. I should learn to be more careful in the messages we send... Whether we know it or not we are communicating something...

Let me communicate this clearly... anymore demanding emails and you get a drop kick!

Have a good weekend!!!


Patrick said...

I still think you and Shannon need couples therapy....

Anonymous said...


I thought it was absolutely hilarious! I was laughing pretty hard at work but what also caught my eye was the whole Bicycle Violining!! That is sooooo meeee sign me up!!!!!