Friday, March 16, 2007

I bought this today...

I bought this cd. The artists name is James Morrison. His CD is entitled Undiscoverd.

It is good. You should listen to him. You can get it at target or on iTunes for $7.99. For now, that is all.

Hope you make it out to Dakota Darling's CD release show tonight at the Brewery. Another one of my favortite Raleigh bands - The Motion - is also playing so try and stick around for them also. The show starts at 9pm with a Cory Branan acoustic set and American Aquarium Dakota Darling prolly goes on at 11pm and The Motion will be after that.




Anonymous said...

Email me some of your work!!!!!!


Gilbert George said...

Well - according to the report Steve Jobs gave on his Macworld 2007 opening keynote, iTunes is now 4th in line and the next Target to beat for apple is "Target"

Apparently Target sells more music than Apple "iTunes". Interesting piece of information there on a world that is crying out loud for hunger, human traffiking....

oh well, why do I store all these kinds of unwanted data in my brains...Gee!!